Cabbage Head Cafe

We specialize in hot coffee and fresh, scratch-made meals.


  1. The concept of the Cabbage Head Cafe wesbite is to display restaurant information to the public, provide access to the menu, and provide a form for online ordering.
  2. Content Goals: To display the menus, provide contact information, an online ordering form, and to provide a brief history of the cafe.
  3. There will be a naviagtion menu linking to the menus, the about us page, online ordering form, and contact page. The homepage will display a photo of the cafe, time/days of operation, and the navigation at the top. The address and phone number along with the owner's name will be in the footer section of the page.
  4. There will be 5 pages. 1.Homepage. 2. About Us. 3.Online Ordering. 4.Contact. 5.Menu. For the phase two, there will be 5 additional pages. These pages will cover the different breakfast/dinner/lunch menus, specials, and holiday hours.
  5. The target audience is young professionals, 20-30 year olds who frequent the downtown area for both work and play.
  6. My design goal is to create a website that displays the modern feel of the restaurant, along with simplicity in that even your grandpa could order lunch off of it.
  7. The limiting factor of any website is the the website design budget of the company. As for my website, my limited coding skills and access to software will limit how far my creativity can be executed
Prototype of Cabbage Head Cafe Homepage